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Raymond mill production principle

By: jwen4568
Posted in: ultrafine mill
Raymond mill manufacturers in the entire system planning, the traditional secondary collection upgrade for the four to collect. In the case of Raymond mill without dust spill, the use of closed-loop negative pressure collection and controllable spill dry and wet series to collect the two methods coexist, so that the entire system in the collection of ultra-fine powder at the same time also put an end Reducing the pollution to the surrounding environment. 

With the user needs to continue to add and milling machine skills innovation, milling machine working principle and efficient, mill manufacturers to establish their own basic base, continue to seek skills to break and skills innovation, through the mill Working principle Machinery Research Institute unremitting efforts, independent research and development of a new generation of efficient milling equipment, Raymond mill production principle of the production of milling machine, ultra-fine milling machine processing stone powder reached thousands of heads, processed products widely used, Constitute a more professional, more economical and practical production line of powder to produce industrial powder for the mall industry to produce professional processing materials.

Raymond mill to the bellows and duct of the original water level to the middle of the skew to 30 degrees, the formation of bucket shape, to ensure that the bellows, the duct has been smooth and no clogging, and then keep the required air volume stability at the same time, further increased Raymond mill main machine milling high efficiency. 


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