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Project-23: Tapegerm Audio Bomb August 2016

Each month all artists are encouraged to drop audio sources into this audio source pool where we collect and distribute them at the end of the month on archive.org royalty free. JUST ATTACH YOUR FILES TO A COMMENT and they'll be included in the project. Use them as you wish, but if you do, we'd like you to join us and upload your creative recordings here.

08/22/16 01:30:54PM @home:
Thanks for contributing!

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Recordings for Project-23

We're Going Over by CIIIGoff: A disturbing interpretation of a song which was meant to prod young men in the USA to join the armed forces to fight in Europe during World War I. Literally thousands of these songs were written in the second decade of the 20th Century. "We’re Going Over" is just one of several penned by Andrew Sterling, Bernie Grossman, and Arthur Lange. I know of at least one recording of this song, released by Victor Records in 1917, recorded by the Peerless Quartet. Of course, my inspiration for recreating this piece lies in the fact that for years now, the USA has been sending its soldiers, weapons, (and now, its soldier-free drones) to muck around overseas, killing in the name of "liberty," and this vicious process only seems likely to escalate as two hawkish leaders vie for the US Presidency this fall.. Credits: Gabrielleschi Tapegerm Audio Bomb August 2016 Project-23, Peerless Quartet 78 RPM Record, C. Goff III: Midisoft MIDI Composing Tool, Musescore MIDI Composing Tool, Voice .