Germination 2.4

Germination 2.4

The Tapegerm Collective - Germination 2.4

The Tapegerm Collective
Germination 4, Volume 2

Photo by Karl-Martin Skontorp
Cover design by bf baker

David Fuglewicz
Distant Storm
I feel there's a storm brewin'. Credits: Dan Richert Guest Artist. Genre: Interdimensional.

Slave Labour
Harmonicon Step
Credits: International Garbageman open loops. Genre: A Fine How Do U Do.

Zebra Mann
On the Point of a Sphere
I have been unable to decide upon a final title for this mix. I am hovering between the present one; On the Point of a Sphere and two others, Clueless in a Cube, and Triangular Stridulations. The only thing I can truly be sure of is my sincere apologies to the TapeGerm artists whose loops were used to make this particular mix. Geometry was never my strong suit. I have taken the road less traveled; Now where the HECK am I? Credits: Arthur Loves Plastic Open loops, Antigravity Workshop Open loops, loops by bf baker, Hebephrenic Open loops, International Garbageman Open loops, Loops by Hal McGee . Genre: Experimental.

Slave Labour
Credits: Omnitechnomatrix Open Loops - power bass. Genre: A Fine How Do U Do

Zebra Mann
Seven Dreaming Zebras
The seventh mix in the Dreaming Ape series. Do the other animals dream? Do they remember their dreams? Do their dreams even mean anything? If you really want to know, ask a zebra if its' bad dreams are nightmares. Credits: Mental Anguish Open loops, Heuristics Inc Open loops, Omnitechnomatrix Open loops, Shaud loops, select Zebra Mann voice loops. Genre: Primordial Panderings.

David Fuglewicz
Obscure Again
Obscure... again, no commercial potential. Credits: Hebephrenic Open Loops. Genre: Interdimensional.

Zebra Mann
Just One of Those Days
Sometimes, when you are in the mood to create, the interruptions seem to be non-stop. While modern technology can help you create wondrous things, it also has the ability to allow for many distractions. This light-hearted mix is just for laughs. Ear Goggles are highly recommended for this one. Credits: David Fuglewicz Open loops, Fluxus Fone Open loops, and a sample of my own mixes. . Genre: Humor.

Zebra Mann
Mortality Revisited
I took two really great mixes, added a couple of ear friendly loops and blended them all together. Why it didn't turn out sounding like a handful of ball bearings thrown into a kitchen blender set on liquify is anybody's guess. It has a very somber and melacholy feel to it, so I'm hoping the next one I try is a little more uplifting. Dust off your ear goggles and crank up the volume. Credits: Mental Anguish - The Smell of Death; David Fuglewicz - Gone for Good; Buzzsaw Open loops, Heuristics Inc Open loops.. Genre: Awesome Audio.

Time to get the guitar out so be warned ........ it's been a while! A slightly Frippian sounding trip! Credits: Ed Drury Guest Artist. Genre: Psychedelic.

circular blades
The Centre of the Circle is the Spot where Time ends... [feedback produced on NI Generator.] Credits: Fever Spoor Guest Artist, Michael Thomas Jackson Guest Artist, Yuroun Guest Artist, Axel Mundi Guest Artist,. Genre: Dark Ambient.

It's Not So Bad
Just wanted to let y'all know I'm still alive... Credits: Arthur Loves Plastic Feb 2010 loops and cystem. Genre: Felt Finesse.

Slave Labour
Credits: Omnitechnomatrix Open Loops - power bass. Genre: A Fine How Do U Do.

Buzzsaw & The Shavings
Finding Content in a Bottle of Two Buck Chuck
At length, the salutations of an irrefutable realisation are made, sense and discernment are wooed with a facility and in their motions carry me forth towards a local counter and a bottle available even to such as myself. As exercise in finding contentment ensues, and this being dreadfully difficult to capture in music programs, mixery must stand, or affect a facsimile thereof. Credits: Arthur Loves Plastic Open Loops Mix. Genre: Felt Finesse.

Zebra Mann
Ornery Old Goat
There is no excuse for this sort of thing on TapeGerm. Credits: Free Loop Pack 15, Yuroun Guest Artist loops, Arthur Loves Plastic Open loops, Antigravity Workshop Open loops, Loops by bf baker.. Genre: Leftfield.