Germination 2.3

Germination 2.3

The Tapegerm Collective - Germination 2.3

The Tapegerm Collective
Germination Number 3 Volume 2

March 4, 2010

Cover design by Bryan Baker, photo by Ronn Ashore

01 - Zebra Mann
Three Chances to Dream
Somniphobia is the fear of sleep or of being unconscious, Oneirophobia is the fear of dreaming, and Arachibutyrophobia is the fear of peanut butter sticking to the roof of your mouth. The last one doesn't really go with the other two, but I couldn't pass up adding it to the list. Our fears know no bounds, and for everything there is in the world, there is someone with an irrational fear of it. This is the third mix in my Dream Journey series, and as usual, it is ear goggle friendly. Credits: Hebephrenic Open loops, Buzzsaw and the Shavings Open Loops, Mellow Jeremy Guest Artist Open loops, Omnitechnomatrix Open loops, Zebra Mann Voice Loops. Genre: Primordial Panderings.

02 - Blind Mime
Checkin' Out the Fluxus
I took one of the first fluxus fone contributions and built some loops and live improvised bass round it. My first time working with SoundHack came up with an interesting loop merging a strummed acoustic guitar with a vocal which repeats offset with the flute melody throughout the song. I also used Dan Richert's bent Casio loops, taking a few percussion hits and building the percussion track piece by piece together with a classic loop from longtime supporting tapegerm artist Mike McGary. The bloopy synth bass sounding element is me playing live improvised bass guitar through a Bass Pod effects box. Check out the fluxus! Credits: music by bf baker; Fluxus Fone Project voice, Don Campau Guest Artist lead guitar, Blind Mime open loops rhythm guitar & live improvised bass guitar, Dan Richert Circuit Bent Casio percussion, and Mike McGary percussion.. Genre: Put Your Pants Back On.

Blind Mime
First I created a structure of electronics and voice using David Fuglewicz's open loop set and contributions from the Fluxus Fone folks. Then a synth progression was improvised and wrapped the static stream in its loving embrace. And guitars asked to come along for the ride. Credits: music by bf baker; electronics and samples by David Fuglewicz open loops with the Fluxus Fone Players and bf baker Blind Mime Ensemble improvised synth and electric guitar.. Genre: Abstract.

04 - SoLaRiS
Gaia Hypothesis
Very ear goggle friendly ! Credits: Omnitechnomatrix Open Loops. Genre: Mood Music.

05 - Zebra Mann
Five Figurative Dream Interpretations
Having another person interpret your dreams is sort of like letting them try on your socks while you are still wearing them. Whether you believe that dreams are a way for you to communicate with your subconscious as Jung suggested, that they are merely wish fulfillment as Freud stated, or that they are simply images that your mind uses to sort out the day's events, no one really knows what they are for or why our brain creates them. No matter what purpose they truly serve, the darn things sometimes have a tendency to screw up a really good night's sleep. Credits: Jeremy Gluck Guest Artist Open loops, C Goff III Open loops, Decaying Machine Guest Artist Open Loops, Zebra Mann's Voice loops. Genre: Primordial Panderings.

06 - Blind Mime
Impossible Signal Chatter
I used a few focal points provided by Charles Rice Goff III. The anchor comes from Charlie's lead guitar melody which I mirror on upright piano and make simple variations into the piece; descending figures escort our fluxus consort. A sort of drone piano pattern enters with Charlie's fingered guitar segment midway, abruptly cut off by his ripped guitar anti-coda opening out to the original melody on piano as d'enouement. It was ritz crackers. Credits: music by bf baker and charles rice goff III; C. Goff III Guest Artist loops, live piano improv by bf baker - blind mime ensemble, with Fluxus Fone whimsy and whatnot. Genre: Avant Garde.

07 - Zebra Mann
Four Reasons to Dream
There are many types of dreams that invade our sleep. I rarely remember the happy ones. The worst are the recurring nightmares. I have no problem remembering those. There is one where a creature I call a demon comes to visit me on a mission of mischief. I do not call it a demon because of its' appearance, but because of its malevolence. It comes for me through a rift in space, slinking through a veiled doorway between its' universe and mine. With grasping claws and gnashing teeth, it tries to drag me away from all that I hold dear. I usually wake up just before it succeeds in doing so, and then I get up from my bed, for I know that sleep is no longer an option. All I can do is to turn on the lights and wait for the sunrise. Credits: David Fuglewicz Open loops, Buzzsaw and the Shavings Mixes, slightly butchered, and Zebra Mann's voice loops. Genre: Primordial Panderings.

08 - Buzzsaw & The Shavings
Whilst Aspiring to a Bottle of Château Pétrus
Perhaps dwelling in unrelenting recognition that such massive funds might beyond my capacity to achieve, sights now fasten upon Pétrus, another rare and coveted wine, frequently saluted as amongst the finest in the world, enrolled in case must command £4000 if a case be found. Once more the age that must elapse whilst amassing the princely sum is filled with composition, another long season of an illustration of patience..for the mixer and the mix-ee... Credits: Includes Open Loops by Blind Mime and Axel Mundi. Genre: Germcore.

09 - hebephrenic
Snowed In
Credits: Loops by Axel Mundi Guest Artist, Fluxus Fone, and Scott Carr. Genre: Experimental.

10 - Colorful Octopus
Imaginary Purple Planet
Credits: Omnitechnomatrix Open Loops, Hebephrenic Open Loops, Blind Mime Open Loops. Genre: Electronic.

11 - hebephrenic
Totalen Krieg Gleich Entartete Kunst
War is madness. War is stupidity. War is ugly. Credits: Loops by Dan Richert Guest Artist and Scott Carr. Genre: Experimental.

12 - Omnitechnomatrix
Credits: Loops By C. Goff III - Anti - Gravity Workshop And Omnitechnomatrix - : Mix By Omnitechnomatrix. Genre: Intelligent Dance Music.

13 - Zebra Mann
Six Daze To Roam (On The Seventh We Rested)
Did you ever notice that sometimes, when you are dreaming, the conversations you have with the people in your dreams have absolutely nothing to do with the events and actions going on all around you? This mix is kind of like that. Credits: GEMAfreie-welten guest artist, CYSTEM open loops, guest artist Ed Drury, Fluxus Fone Project. Genre: Primordial Panderings.

14 - SoLaRiS
Featuring the cool new Drumaxx drum synth from Image Line.ASHRAM & GAIA HYPOTHESIS now available as a two track album FREE DOWNLOAD at JAMENDO Credits: Yuroun Guest Artist. Genre: Psychedelic.