Germination 2.2

Germination 2.2

The Tapegerm Collective - Germination 2.2

The Tapegerm Collective

Germination Vol. 2 Number 2

The Incomplete Orchestra

Mad Symphony 2010

A redo now that I have a Shure PG58. (I was mostly broke and confident I could make it sound good.) And it is! AND! AND! More new stuff here! More so than I blogged yesterday! Dig in! http://ccmixter.org/people/coruscate Also if you like the image on this song, it's available on t-shirts and stuff. Just check the front page of my website http://www.healthyinsanity.com/ Credits: Arthur Loves Plastic Open Loops, Soundtrack Loops. Genre: A Fine How Do U Do.

Brutum Fulmen

Sea Monster

The scientific order for whale is "cetacean", from the Greek work "ketos" meaning whale, huge fish, or sea monster. The song artwork is my painting "Yellow Tentacle" (acrylic on canvas). Sound sources used in "Sea Monster" include: Heuristics Inc - HInc-FLP12-Trumpet1 Omnitechnomatrix - oo15oo+Omnitech-TGC+BZZ+LP12=2005 Hebephrenic - Amb1 & Amb4 freesound.org - 67884__Benboncan__Lake_Waves other sources - whale songs Credits: Heuristics Inc, Omnitechnomatrix, Hebephrenic, Free Loop Sample Pack Mix.. Genre: Experimental.

Zebra Mann

Brave New World Remix - Eclipse

After to listening to my Brave New World Series several times at work on CD, I figured out that one of the songs needed to be a bit longer. So after I got home tonight, I made it longer. Then I decided it needed a few more effects. So I added a few more effects. After giving it some thought, I realized that maybe some more reverb might be cool. So I added more reverb. Then I guessed that adding something new to the mix wouldn't hurt, so I added something new. That's me, I just can't leave well enough alone. Wear your ear goggles for the journey, it'll be worth it. Credits: David Fuglewicz open loops. Genre: Alien Audio.

Slave Labour

Hey Mmm Glitchtimes

Credits: Blind Mime Ensemble. Genre: A Fine How Do U Do.

Zebra Mann

Two Miss Understanding Dreams

Ages ago, we thought we could come to know a second real world in dreams. Without dreams, we would have found no occasion to divide the world. The separation of body and soul is connected to the oldest views about dreams, as is the assumption of spiritual apparitions such as gods and ghosts. The dead man lives on, because he appears to the living man in dreams, and it still continues to be this way. Our troubled history goes back to the very beginning, back to when our early ancestors had their first disturbing dreams. Credits: Arthur Loves Plastic Open loops, Hal McGee Open loops, Yuroun Guest Artist Open loops, Zebra Mann spoken word loops. Genre: Primordial Panderings.

Zebra Mann

Spiderz Chapter Two - Emergence

When the egg sac opens, a thousand spiders come streaming out. Definitely not a sight for someone that is severely arachnaphobic. Credits: includes loops by Blind Mime Open Loops, Arthur Loves Plastic Open Loops, CYSTEM Open Loops, Mental Anguish Open Loops, Mike McGary Random 12 Pack, and GEMAfreie-welten guest artist. Genre: Dark Ambient.

Zebra Mann

Spiderz Chapter Four - All You Need

Of the thousands of spiderlings that hatch from every egg sac, only a few dozen survive to adulthood. As Zetta scurries off on her own, she soon discovers that there are two things a spiderling needs to survive in the big wide world. Food and shelter. She is fortunate to find both right away. Credits: Created with loops by Blind Mime Open loops, Arthur Loves Plastic Open loops & Buzzsaw and the Shavings Open Loops.. Genre: Floating Electronic Music.

Dan Richert

Cracked Cable

Credits: Free Loop Sample Pack Mix Loops by Hebephrenic, Heuristics Inc., Omnitechnomatrix. Genre: Electronic.


perfect symmetry

"Are there, in nature, behaviours of whole systems unpredicted by the parts?" [Buckminster Fuller quoted in 'Perfect Symmetry' of J. Baggott] Credits: Jeremy Gluck Guest Artist, GEMAfreie-welten Guest Artist, Omnitechnomatrix Open Loops, acidsequences by britva on NI Generator . Genre: Trance.

Zebra Mann

One Ticket to Dream

Long ago Spider Woman showed us how to weave a web to catch our dreams. She took a hoop and began weaving from the outside until she reached the center. At the center she left a hole. She told us that the web would catch our dreams. The dream catcher should be hung above the sleeping area, where it would be hit with the first morning light. While we slept, the dream catcher would catch our dreams. The good and useful dreams would easily make their way through the web and fall through the hole to the dreamer below. The bad and useless dreams would be caught in the web and evaporate in the morning light. Or so we had been led to believe. Credits: CYSTEM Open Loops, DJ Get Yo Fat On Open Loops, David Fuglewicz Open Loops, random music loops, select Zebra Mann voice loops. Genre: Primordial Panderings.

Zebra Mann

Spiderz Chapter Three - Dispersal

The spiderlings have begun to leave the nest. They run off, seemingly at random and in every direction. And Zetta heads out into the wide world, to discover for herself the great unknown. Wear your ear goggles, but don't close your eyes if you are arachnaphobic. You have been warned! Credits: Created with Loops from Mental Anguish, Omnitechnomatrix, and bf baker. Genre: Abstract Ambient.

Slave Labour

IG Bell Me

Credits: International Garbageman: intgarb_loop8, igbell2, igbell3. Genre: A Fine How Do U Do.

Zebra Mann

Electro Symphonic Craniatal Orgasmic Response Time

Taking Blind Mime's 'track_altair' and speeding it up 10,000 percent made it sound eerily like my favorite Camille Saint-Saen's piece, The Aquarium. After that, adding bits of Blind Mime's loops was easy, and more importantly, fun. This mix is the final result. It was fish this time, perhaps it will be birds next. As always, this piece is ear goggle friendly. Credits: Blind Mime Open Loops. Genre: Experimental.

Buzzsaw & The Shavings

Whilst Attaining to a Bottle of La Tâche

The scarcest, most expensive - and frequently the best - wine in the world ... If you can lay your hands on a case - and that is a big 'if' - you would have to pay £5,000 or more for a young vintage, double or treble for a wine in its prime. As it appears that I only appear as though I have money, centuries must pass as I amass the sums and, combating tedium, I have the liberty to engage in mixery. This labours to express patience and woo it from the listener. Credits: Blind Mime Open Loops Mix. Genre: Germcore.