Germination 2.1

Germination 2.1

The Tapegerm Collective - Germination 2.1

Axel Mundi - "Guru"
Credits: Axel Mundi; Random 12-Pack Challenge. Genre: Musique Concrete.

SoLaRiS - "Tangerine Dreaming"
Just as it says on the tin Credits: Omnitechnomatrix Open Loops. Genre: Electronica.

Shell - "Undone"
Mercury is finally direct but my head is still spinning. Ready or not...still undone. Featuring: Cystem Open Loops, Omnitechnomatrix Open Loops, Mental Anguish Open Loops Credits: Cystem Open Loops, Omnitechnomatrix Open Loops, Mental Anguish Open Loops. Genre: Abstract.

Zebra Mann - "Spiderz Chapter One - The Egg Sac"
These chapters are for Zetta, my Chilean Rose Hair Tarantula. In honor of all invertebrates; and arachnids in particular, I've decided to see what sort of eight legged mixery I can create. This mix, the first of what I can only hope will be many more, describes the beginnings of all spiders, the humble egg sac, carefully protected by the skillfully lain web of the preceeding generation. Zetta never knew her mother, yet her mother did the best she could for her offspring, just the same. Credits: Created with Loops by Mike McGary Random 12, Mental Anguish Open Loops, Cystem Open Loops, Hal McGee Open Loops, Ed Drury Guest Artist, and GEMAfreie-welten Guest Artist.. Genre: Dark Ambient.

Zebra Mann - "Brave New World - Chapter Five"
The Keskan and the Screeee have learned how to live together in peaceful coexistence. Their lives are happy and full of joy, and the only sorrow they know is when their mortal lives come to the inevitable end, as all such mortal beings face. Humanity could learn a lesson or two from these two sentient races. Credits: David Fuglewicz Loops. Genre: Alien Audio.

Slave Labour - "Harmoniconicer"
Credits: International Garbageman: harmonicer. Genre: A Fine How Do U Do.

Zebra Mann - "Brave New World - Chapter Four"
The Kaskan warriors approach the newcomers with caution; only fools rush in where angels fear to tread. Through various means of appendage communication, it is found they have much in common, and even more importantly, much to share. The newcomers call themselves Screeee, which translates roughly as 'The People of the Swamp.' The Screeee and the Kaskan soon become fast friends and trading partners. Credits: David Fuglewicz Loops. Genre: Alien Audio.

Buzzsaw & The Shavings - "A Broken Thread Dangling from a Broken Sun"
At long the thread of an inspiration is joined to intentions upon the keyboard early one morning, yet a momentary mis-perception of the phenomena of nature and the sky intrudes upon a paragraph, tumbling the gerunds and trembling the propositions until more than a sliver and a crescent of recognition comes to call. At last our stalwart writer continues. Credits: Includes Cystem Open Loops and Vocal loops by Zebra Mann. Genre: Darkwave.

Klipto - "TGB-12step"
Credits: loops-free loop sample pack - hebephrenic, mix by Kilpto. Genre: Breakbeat.

Decaying Machine - "Benny the Robot"
I found an old song, made the track maybe 5 or 6 months before I become a member here on Tapegerm[dot]com, old school breakbeat type of thing, pretty stupid track with no point, but thats funny! =) Credits: Shaud. Genre: Breakbeat.

Zebra Mann - "Empty everything louder than everything else"
As promised (or threatened, depending upon your point of view) I have again made a remix of Null MC/Carbon Manual's Empty. This time, as the title suggests, it is loud. It needed the juxtaposition of loudness and 'emptiness' to be a musical paraphrase of the quote: "Sometimes, when one person is missing, the whole world seems depopulated.." Genre: Improvisational. Album: Escapee from The Primate Asylum. Credits: Null MC/Carbon Manual Empty Loops

Buzzsaw & The Shavings - "A Writer Blocked"
The device of the lively and bouncy Overture is to seize the attention of the audience and announce to them the story and the tale is about to commence and to apply their full attentions. Here it is employed to woo the attention of the Muse in the service of an author the captive of competing synonyms and antonyms and even outdated technology. He shall yet overcome. Genre: itz a cutter. Album: Zebra of a Certain Stripe. Credits: Includes voice loops by Zebra Mann and Open Loops by Mental Anguish and Omnitechnomatrix

Slave Labour - "Hey Ruth mmm sometimes"
Credits: Blind Mime Ensemble. Genre: A Fine How Do U Do.

Zebra Mann - "Brave New World - Chapter Three"
Several of the adult Keskan males put together a leisurely expedition to Sodalicious Swamp, as many in the tribe has expressed a hankering for some Seven-Banded Zitterings. Upon reaching the shores of the swamp, the Keskan saw something they had never laid eyes upon before. A new race of men, much like themselves, and yet, somehow different. The Keskan race learned a new concept that day. The concept of Us vs. Them. Ear goggle friendly. Genre: Alien Audio. Album: Beyond the Milky Way. Credits: David Fuglewicz Loops.

Cover photo by [martin] ( http://www.in-eckigen-klammern.de/). Licensed under Creative Commons http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/3.0/de/. Cover design by Bryan Baker.