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Creating new compositions from new and old sounds, either played or repurposed.

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Gamegerm 230115

By blindmime, 2023-12-31


470, 241, 368, 458, 449, 101, 38, 364, 225, 342,


16, 231, 179, 43, 74, 35, 306, 181, 242, 195,


Sources by: Blind Mime, Heuristics Inc, Jeff Davis & the Beauregards, Sin:Ned, Suckling Infants Network, James P. Bergman, CIIIGoff, Virtual Religion, David Alexander McDonald, International Garbageman,

The Tapegerm DAO: 20 Years Later

By blindmime, 2022-01-06
The Tapegerm DAO: 20 Years Later

Tapegerm was formed as an Autonomous Organization which was fueled by pieces of audio as its mode of exchange.

Review: CGoffIII's Genre Party

By blindmime, 2016-12-15

I've posted a review of CGoffIII's new album, Genre Party at the Blind Mime Studio website. A very enjoyable album, dear Charlie. Thank you.

Working on new Tapegerm Album

By blindmime, 2016-11-14
Working on new Tapegerm Album

I'll be working on a new album over the course of the next few months here on Tapegerm. I've thought about doing this of on and on for quite some time. Maybe it's just a matter starting, as is usually the case with anything creative.

I'm taking a page from Ken Clinger's book and will be writing a kind of Creative Log as I go. We'll see how that goes. Wish me luck.

I'm in Atlanta, Georgia, for a 3-day conference for work. I'm the Creative Services Director at an AlphaGraphics in Salt Lake City. I'm the technical guy in the shop and now we're getting into a new software world (XMPIE) so I'm at the International User's Group conference here.

I'm crazy busy at the real job, so I'm not sure why I'm thinking I can embark on any kind of creative venture, but on the plane I was playing around with music apps on an iPad and was thinking it would be fun to do something new; at least new for me.

So we'll see how it goes and we'll see you next time.

One week left for July's Audio Bomb

By blindmime, 2016-07-28
One week left for July's Audio Bomb

Tapegerm Audio Bomb July 2016

July's Audio Bomb will be armed at the end of the week and launch on so Blind Mime has added a few stems from a new song just completed called Change Your Space. There are guitars and keys to use as you please.

The Audio Bomb project is open to everyone to drop source sounds into. Just drop them as attachments to a comment at the page link above. Everything is packaged and archived at each month.

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